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Learn to Play Guitar

Learn to play guitar with lessons from an experienced guitar teacher. Contact him to reserve a time that works for you.

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Lessons in Your Own Home

Experience the convenience of music lessons in your own home. Luigi travels to the homes of students throughout the Boston and MetroWest area. He teaches all ages and customizes each lesson to the student's age, ability and interests and is always professional, patient and fun! Lessons are typically 60 minutes in length. He currently has 25 students.

Reading Music and Practice

He stresses proper musical notation but also teaches students to read tablature for songs where the riffs are more easily learned in that system.

Of course, regular practice is necessary to successfully advance. Luigi believes that lessons are a great way to play songs, exercises and assignments in a real way, that is, like you would do when playing with a duo or small group: actually performing! With the support and guidance from Luigi, you will build skills in order to perform on your own or with a band.

Any Style

Luigi Grasso teaches you to play your favorite songs, no matter what style of music you're into. Many students are interested in classic rock songs by artists like Led Zeppelin, Eagles and The Beatles. Others love the music of today's artists, like, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Adele and many more.

Whether you want to learn rock songs, Motown or jazz standards, he teaches all genres, including:

Classical | Folk | Blues | Country | Funk | R&B

Teaching Philosophy

To enjoy playing guitar, you have to develop good habits. For beginners, the first step is being comfortable holding the guitar along with proper right and left hand technique enabling the student to progress with all the fundamental requirements needed to make guitar playing productive.

These students start off with notes of the first string and basic chords. After just a few lessons, they can play simple songs. Playing songs is the goal, so he starts the students off with songs very early, rather than focusing on scales and bland exercises. He teaches students to read music notation and eventually expanding into scales, theory, improvising and composition.

He cares for his students and always makes sure they are progressing in a concrete way.
Contact him to request a free trial lesson to find out if he's a good fit for you or your child.

Group or Individual Lessons

He specializes in one-on-one lessons that provide individual attention to each student. He also offers group lessons, but he finds that private lessons are more productive. With personal attention from a supportive teacher, students are able to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.