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"Luigi was truly a very good guitarist and singer. He played for my family while we dined at Rosaria's Restaurant."
Anthony Caruso

"Got serenaded by Luigi tonight. BEAUTIFUL voice, wonderfully musician, extraordinarily nice gentleman."
Susan Hammerle

"Luigi has been one of the best music teachers I had. He teaches both the guitar and bass. Luigi is very patient teacher who will go at your learning pace. He is very clear in the material he teaches and makes learning music fun. Luigi has a great understanding of music. He really cares about his students and is eager to see his students learn music. I always look forward to learning new material on my next lesson."
Josh Chen

"I am a relatively new student and have been working with Luigi for about 6 months. I started this musical adventure later in life (post retirement) and am greatly enjoying it. Luigi is very knowledgeable, extremely patient, and a pleasure to engage with as a person. I truly look forward to each new lesson every week. I highly recommend Luigi to anyone of any level who is considering guitar lessons."
Tom McGree

"I have been working with Luigi for over 5 years now and I look forward to our lessons every Monday. We talk and we laugh as we explore all aspects of guitar music - classical, rock/pop, jazz, bluegrass, and others. Luigi's expansive knowledge, good humor, and patience make him an excellent teacher, and I also appreciate that he makes the effort to understand how I learn best and when and how to push me to do better. And I love to play against his improvised accompaniments; these duets keeps things fresh, keep me on my toes, and produce so many incredibly beautiful moments. I highly recommend him to anyone considering guitar lessons."
Henry Roman

"Luigi is a great guitar teacher, super patient and very funny. He also enjoys a good espresso. Our two boys have been taking lessons with Luigi and he always does an excellent job of tailoring the music choices and his approach to each individually. Luigi's approach is to have fun and really learn a piece of music. He is a great musician (and a great dude according to our 13 y/o) who clearly loves sharing his passion for music with his students."
Coby Reinhardt

"Wednesdays quickly became the favorite day of the week once my boys began taking lessons with Luigi. He took them from beginners to really being able to play in a short time. He is very talented, patient and encouraging and has the brought the joy of playing music to our home! "
Jennifer Murray

"Luigi is a phenomenal guitar teacher and wonderful person. He has been teaching our 2 boys for years and seamlessly had them reading music at a young age. He is extremely patient, kind, engaging, instructional and makes the lessons so fun. As our boys have grown from children to teenagers, we have noticed that Luigi has such a gift for tailoring the lessons to fit the level of those he's teaching. No matter what their age was at any point in time, the boys could play the songs they were interested in whether it was blues, country, classical, pop or rock because Luigi writes the music to fit their level. His musical expertise is exhaustive. It is evident that Luigi loves what he does and is talented at sharing this passion with others. We are blessed to have found such a great teacher and highly recommend."
Susan Sarro

"I have hired Luigi for several functions: he is the perfect choice for providing many types of music for any occasion. From birthdays to memorial service, my experience and that of my guests has been that Luigi shines, both as a professional and as a musician. His guitar playing serves as either a focal point or as gorgeous background music for an event. When looking to add something 'special' to a gathering, Luigi is just the ticket."
Mariah Riess

"Having been under Luigi Grasso's tutelage for about fifteen years, music and the guitar has become an important part of my life. Luigi has been my trusted guide and coach during our mutual exploration of music, the guitar and the possibilities the instrument has to offer.
If you choose to take lessons from Luigi, you too will benefit from his talent and patience as a teacher, as he leverages his extensive musical knowledge and experience as a musician to develop lessons that are designed to work for you personally. We are all individuals who have different learning styles, abilities and goals related to music. His love of music and the guitar are evident in his teaching. Luigi's instruction is not limited or confined to any specific musical genre or skill level as you will realize when he provides charts for music you wish to learn, written in his own hand, with arrangements suited to your personal ability level.

If you decide to engage in guitar lessons, try some lessons with Luigi. You will not be disappointed.
He will soon be counted amongst the best instructors you may have crossed paths with thus far in your life."
Robert Jarosz

"Besides being a great guitar teacher Luigi is just a wonderful human being. He's really become part of the family, been teaching the girls for ~10 years! He's great, the girls LOVE their lessons and play and sing fantastically from them. I highly recommend him."
Drucilla Roberts

"I started playing about 5 years ago. Tried self teaching then went to a studio. Was not satisfactory. Hooked up with Luigi based on a recommendation. I am pleased with my progress. Would highly recommend. Excellent teaching and knowledge of instrument."
Steve Garfinkle

"My son learned to play the guitar with Luigi starting in Middle School. He truly learned to play very well. Luigi is a gifted professional musician and teacher that our family enjoyed welcoming into our home. My son enjoyed playing and we all enjoyed listening in!"
Maura Keating

"Luigi is a great teacher. Really helpful and meets the student where s/he is and wants to go."
Max Olmstead

"Our son took guitar lessons from Luigi beginning in sixth grade until his senior year in high school. The guitar is the first thing to get packed into the car to go to college with him now.
'Having Luigi arrive at our home was always the highlight of the week.' - (That is a direct quote from our son.)
Luigi is a kind, talented musician who loves his craft and has a true gift of sharing it with students. We miss not having him around."
Kitty & Jerry